Protection Planning

Identifying where there is a need to protect your business or employees from specific areas of concern and the impact of the unexpected. Arranging the necessary protection and reviews, plus ensuring any protection arrangements remain financially competitive and adequate for your needs taking into account changing circumstances, markets and products.

  • + Group Death in Service

    Advising on, arranging and reviewing group death in service schemes to provide a lump sum death benefit based on a multiple of salary as a valuable employee benefit.

  • + Group Income Protection

    Advising on, arranging and reviewing group income protection plans as part of an employees benefit package.

  • + Group Private Medical Insurance

    Advising on, arranging and reviewing group private medical insurance arrangements.

  • + Partnership/Shareholder Protection

    Planning for partners or company shareholders to deal with the financial and legal implications on death or serious illness of a partner or shareholder using a suitable life assurance based plans, flexible business trusts and partnership/shareholders agreements.

  • + Key Person Protection

    Identifying the need for life, terminal and critical illness cover to protect your business in the event of loss of a key person avoiding financial implications, business interruption and replacement costs. Providing solutions for the right level and type of cover, which is affordable to your business. Ongoing reviews to make sure any cover remains suitable and appropriate to your business needs as well as cost competitive.

  • + Business Loan Protection

    Arranging and reviewing business loan protection cover to provide peace of mind that your business loan will be repaid in the event of death, terminal and/or critical illness.


We can remove the administrative burden and complexity of dealing with your financial affairs. We can transact all business on your behalf and ensure your files are up to date enabling you to have access to information on your financial affairs as and when you require, and is also available to other professionals on your instruction.

  • + Client Record Keeping & End of Tax Year Summaries

    Removing the administrative burden and complexity of dealing with your financial affairs.

  • + Provider Administration

    Transacting and arranging business for you with your product providers. Dealing with the administration on your behalf and ensuring your personal files/records are compliant and up to date.

  • + Third Party Administration

    Liaising with other professionals, solicitors and accountants providing copies of reports, valuations and records when requested to so by you.

Pension & Retirement Planning

Ensuring you as an employer comply with your legal responsibilities and duties in respect of workplace pensions. Providing advice to business owners on accumulating pension funds and options of their use within the business, plus moving assets between business, pension or private ownership. Planning for retirement and how best to use pension funds to provide a target pension income combined with business succession. Planning will consider pension, personal and business assets, all of which can be used to provide additional income in retirement.

  • + Self invested pensions, controlling your own,
    pension & commercial property purchase

    Advice on and arranging SIPPs (Self Invested Personal Pensions) and SSASs (Small Self Administered Schemes) for business owners for commercial property purchase/development, company loan back and other member directed investments.

  • + Auto enrolment, work based pensions &
    employers legal responsibilities

    Professional advice and cost effective solutions to meet your duties and responsibilities as an employer in respect of auto enrolment.

  • + Group Pension Schemes

    Corporate pension solutions including group personal pensions, trust based money purchase pensions and other qualifying work based pension schemes. Advice on NEST. Second opinion and review of defined contribution and defined benefit (final salary pension) schemes.

Tax Planning

Structuring assets for maximum tax efficiency and protection with regard to income, capital gains and inheritance tax. Where required liaising with, and providing information to your accountants. Proactive personal and corporation tax planning within various business structures, providing second or other expert opinions.

  • + Corporation Tax

    Advice and planning for effective corporation tax mitigation using company pension contributions and other tax wrappers.

  • + Pension Tax

    Advice and planning to protect against lifetime allowance and annual allowance tax charges, preserving transitional protection arrangements. Avoiding unauthorised payments charges, surcharges, scheme sanction charges and deregistration charges.