Lifestyle Planning

A detailed analysis of your current personal and financial position reviewing your assets and liabilities, together with your current and future income and expenditure. Having identified your future capital and income requirements, projecting how this will be met assuming future returns and inflation, quantifying any shortfall and targeting how this will be funded to maintain or improve your lifestyle and achieve your financial goals.

  • + Cash flow forecasting

    Projecting client’s lifetime capital, income and expenditure profiles allowing you to see your whole life in financial terms..

  • + Income & expenditure analysis

    Providing a year by year analysis of income and expenditure identifying potential surpluses and shortfalls to help with pro-active planning.

  • + Inflation proofing

    Planning to protect capital and income from the future effects of inflation.

Investment & Savings Planning

Advising on assets, investments and savings to provide capital preservation, or generate growth and/or income to meet your objectives in the most tax efficient and cost effective manner.

  • + Regular & Lump Sum Investment/Savings

    Advice on short, medium and long term savings and investments, identifying and prioritising saving and investment needs for capital growth and/or income taking into consideration your tax position and risk profile.

  • + ISAs

    Advising on and arranging both cash and stocks and shares ISAs, including junior ISAs with ongoing reviews.

  • + On/Offshore Bonds

    Advising, reviewing and arranging “on” or “offshore” bonds according to your needs, tax position and residency.

  • + School Fees

    Planning for the costs of your children and/or grandchildren’s education from nursery to university and providing solutions.

  • + Tax Efficient Investments

    Income, capital gains and inheritance tax planning using specialist tax efficient investments.

Pension & Retirement Planning

Planning to ensure you achieve financial security in retirement. This includes advice on building up funds, retirement and how to best use your pension funds to provide your required level of pension income. Planning will consider not only your pensions assets, but also other personal assets, which can be used to provide additional income in retirement so that at the time you wish to retire, you will be able to receive and maintain a target income to achieve your desired standard of living.

  • + Saving for retirement & pension funding

    Advice on pension contributions including annual allowance and carry forward of unused allowances. Planning for retirement and accumulating target pension and investment funds at retirement.

  • + Pension transfers/consolidation & tracing
    and reviewing old pension plans

    A Tracking and review service for existing pensions, which have either been lost or remain outside of current pension provision. Advice on suitability of pension transfers and consolidation of existing pensions.

  • + State pensions

    Obtaining and reviewing State pension forecasts. Advice on State pension deferral options and voluntary National Insurance contributions.

  • + Retirement options, maximising income and
    minimising tax in retirement

    Planning and advice on retirement options including capped and flexible income drawdown, conventional, unit linked, variable and enhance/impaired life annuities, or scheme pension.

  • + Self invested pensions, controlling your own
    pension & commercial property purchase

    Advice on and arranging SIPPs (Self Invested Personal Pensions) for commercial property purchase/development and other member directed investments.

Protection Planning

Identifying where there is a need to protect you and your family from specific areas of concern and the impact of the unexpected. Arranging the necessary protection and reviews, plus ensuring any protection arrangements remain financially competitive and adequate for your needs taking into account changing personal circumstances, markets and products.

  • + Life & Critical Illness Cover

    Identifying the true need for life and critical illness cover, prioritising needs in the context of other planning, and providing solutions for the right level and type of cover within your budget. Ongoing reviews to make sure any cover remains suitable and cost competitive.

  • + Income Protection

    Quantifying the impact on you and your dependents if you were unable to work due to ill health short and long term, providing solutions to maintain your required standard of living and arranging suitable cover.

  • + Mortgage Protection

    Arranging and reviewing mortgage protection cover to provide peace of mind that your mortgage will be repaid in the event of death, terminal and/or critical illness.

  • + Private Medical Insurance

    Access to private medical insurance to ensure you receive medical treatment at the time you require for you and your family. Advice on suitable cover within your budget taking into account your priorities and objectives for the amount of cover, type of treatment and quality of accommodation in hospital.

Portfolio Planning

Portfolio construction and management to ensure all investments are and remain spread across different asset classes to manage investment risk and target returns in accordance with your objectives. Portfolio construction is based on a rigorous and robust investment process and methodology with rebalancing.

  • + Risk Analysis

    Detailed analysis and review of your attitude to investment risk and capacity for loss using independent risk profiling tools to establish a benchmark for monitoring and assessment.

  • + Asset Allocation & Rebalancing

    Establishing a strategic and tactical asset allocation model to match your risk profile, which is regularly reviewed and rebalanced.

  • + Independent Investment/Fund Review & Selection

    Access and use of market leading independent research tools to regularly and professionally review investments and funds.

Inheritance & Estate Planning

This is all centred on succession and next generation planning. Utilising inheritance tax exemptions to help reduce your inheritance tax liability, while retaining control of your assets where required with the effective use of trusts and other inheritance tax planning mechanisms.

  • + Inheritance Tax

    Advice and planning for estates in excess of the nil rate band, use of inheritance tax exemptions and inheritance tax mitigation solutions.

  • + Wills

    Liaising with other professionals, solicitors and accountants for effective probate and will planning, guardianship arrangements and power of attorney.

  • + Wealth & Estate Preservation

    Use of gifts, trusts, whole of life and gift inter-vivos plans, to protect your estate and maximise wealth distribution to your beneficiaries.

Tax Planning

Structuring assets and wealth for maximum tax efficiency and protection with regard to income, capital gains and inheritance tax. Where required liaising with, and providing information to your accountants and other professional advisers.

  • + Income Tax

    Advice and planning to preserve personal allowances and age related allowances, mitigating higher rate and additional rate tax, and extending basic rate bands.

  • + Capital Gains Tax

    Advice and planning on using annual capital gains exemptions and capital gains tax deferral.

  • + Inheritance Tax

    Advice and planning on using inheritance mitigation plans, business property reliefs and agricultural property reliefs as possible solutions to reducing potential inheritance tax liabilities, together with the use of exempt gifts and trusts.

  • + Pension Tax

    Advice and planning to protect against lifetime allowance and annual allowance tax charges, preserving transitional protection arrangements. Avoiding unauthorised payments charges, surcharges, scheme sanction charges and deregistration charges.