What We Do

There are six key stages:


Working closely with you and your other professional advisers, we undertake a fact finding process to establish and understand your personal circumstances and financial background before identifying your requirements, needs and objectives, which can then be prioritised. Part of this process will also involve understanding, discussing and agreeing the level of investment risk you are prepared, and can afford to take.

Data Gathering

We will request your authority to gather information about your existing investment, pension and protection arrangements, as well as personal and financial information from your professional advisers. This will enable us to comprehensively review your overall position before advising on the right strategic planning.

Strategy & Review

Having gathered all the relevant and necessary information and taking into account your overall position, we will develop a strategy to help ensure that our advice and recommendations achieve your aspirations, needs, aims and objectives as prioritised.

Research & Recommendations

We will use internal and external technical research to review the whole of market and provide you with personal recommendations to implement the strategy in accordance with our Best Execution Policy.

The strategy and recommendations will be set out in a report to you, which clearly demonstrates the rational and why this is a suitable course of action. The report will set what, why, how and when and detail the costs, charges, any tax implications or other options considered so you can make an informed decision as to how to proceed, which can be discussed and agreed. A copy of this report can be provided to any other professional advisers with your instruction and authority, who can also be included in the decision making process as required.


Having agreed how you wish to proceed we will put the solutions in place providing all the necessary paperwork, dealing with any third parties involved, and limiting the impact on your time wherever possible by assisting with the completion of the paperwork.

We will submit, monitor, track and chase implementation from start to finish providing updates until all agreed strategies have been implemented.

Ongoing Reviews

For clients requiring ongoing review, we will agree the frequency of the reviews with you appropriate to your needs and budget. In addition adhoc reviews will be available at any time at your request. We will also provide pro-active relevant, timely information outside the formal reviews keeping you informed of legislative changes we consider are relevant to you.